Best Camera Drones Under £100

If you are looking for the best budget camera drones then you are in the right place with our top 3 review

Best Camera Drones Under 100

For many people who are looking to make their first foray in to the world of drones the expectations of what you can get for very little money may seem to the more experienced drone user a little naive. That being said, in 2017 you money will go further than ever when it comes to buying a camera drone and you might be pleasantly surprised at just how far your money will go if you have not checked out the market in a while.

New drone manufacturers crop up on almost a weekly basis and whilst most of them don’t add anything in the way of exciting tech, the increased supply does help to push down the prices of more established manufacturers. Many people set £100 as a rough benchmark when buying their first drone and with most people wanting more than just a fun flight experience we thought we would see what we could get in terms of camera drones for under 100 quid. We had a lot of fun and some strange experiences along the way and present our results of our top 3 camera drones under 100 pounds for you in this review.

3. Lamaston X5SW-1 RC Drone – £129.99 reduced to £49.99 here.

This is not the first time we have featured a Lamaston drone in a top drones under 100 list and it probably won’t be the last. Lamaston come under that bracket of drone manufacturer that excel in the sub 100 category and give you quite a lot for your money when it comes to buying a budget drone.

lamaston camera droneThis drone technically shouldn’t really have made the list coming in at over £100 but we found it with a hefty discount bringing it in at less than fifty quid – which quite frankly is astonishing for the amount of tech you get for the equivalent of a few pints down the pub.

The Lamaston X5SW-1 comes with a full plethora of extras with a spare battery, extra propellers, a holder for your mobile phone to use as an FPV and even a screwdriver for the DIY shy amongst us. It is completely ready to fly out of the box with the exception of a quick charge to the battery – we charged both at the same time as we weren’t expecting much in terms of flight time.

We were pleasantly surprised when we did get our drone in the air that the flight time was around 8-10 minutes per battery – meaning that you were getting 15-20 minutes of flying time with the two supplied batteries – for less than fifty quid – again… this is the 2017 drone world for you!

Flying the drone is simple enough and the controls work well. One touch return to home and the standard manual flying features make the Lamaston a very solid contender in this price bracket. If it were a top 3 drones for under £50 then maybe we would have had a winner right here… but we are interested in the camera performance of this drone so let’s take a look…

The X5SW-1 Camera

Now before we get too excited lets set the expectations very clear right away. You are not going to win any photography awards with this drone. It has a HD 0.3MP camera and whilst it can deliver HD footage at 640x480 at 25FPS, you are going to struggle to get high quality video footage with anything less than perfect lighting conditions. That being said, the X5SW-1 still has many redeeming features when it comes to the camera.

The biggest draw for this drone and what makes it a firm favourite in this list is the mobile app that turns this drone remote in to a full FPV camera drone for under 100 – again, quite amazing!

The app is free to download and you do so by scanning the QR code in the manual. You clip your mobile phone on to the controller and away you go with FPV over WiFi. The software and hardware works pretty well in this respect and although you can’t control the camera it really helps having the FPV feature when taking video and trying to navigate you way around.

The Lamaston gets a solid and respectable 4 stars from us.

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2. Top Race® TR-Q511 Quad Cam – £99.99 reduced to £49.99 here.

The Top Race TR-Q511 drone is one of those that you won’t hear being talked of much over the UK but it is a drone that we rather took a shine to when testing these sub-100 price drones. This one is typically priced at around £89.99 but at the time of writing we were able to find it for just £49.99 here bringing it well below budget.

best camera drones under 100Now don’t get too exciting by the name, Quad Cam refers to it being a Quadcopter as opposed to it having 4 cameras, but the one it does have does a pretty decent job.

The Top Race TRQ511 comes equipped with the controller, battery and a few extra parts and essentially has everything you need to get up and flying. The addition of 2GB SD memory card is quite a nice touch and it also includes an adapter for easy insertion into which device you might wish to transfer your pics and vids.

From a 90 minute charge you will get around 8 minutes of flying time which is standard at this price point but also worth the purchase of an extra battery. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of buying a brand such as Top Race is that you are going to struggle to find spares easily.

The image quality of the TR-Q511 drone was pretty decent and has the same output as the Lamaston but with 30FPS instead of 25. Images appeared pretty crisp in good light but were a little grainy in low light.

The lack of FPV did bother us but the flying ability and the sheer coolness of design did win us over when it came to the Top Race. The flashing LED’s look good but what really got this drone to number 2 on our list was the steadiness of shot when it came to recording the 720p HD video – it was far superior to the slightly shaky Lamaston.

We give the Top Race TR-Q511 a worthy 8.5/10 (if you can get it for £50) – check the latest price here.

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1. Hubsan H107C+ – £51.99 – Check latest price

Hubsan is a brand that is not new to most in the drone fraternity and it is probably their industry knowhow that has helped them get the H107C+ model to our number one spot in our best drones under 100 review. At a price point that is comparable to the two competitors on this list the Hubsan exudes just a little more class than its rivals.

hubsan camera drone under 100The H107C+ is not the sexiest looking drone in the world but it is the operational side of the drone that makes the difference. Added to that, the ease of use and the ease of purchasing repairs and this drone could easily find itself in a list of best intermediate drones – not just one that is aimed at beginners on a budget! That is high praise indeed for a drone that costs well under £60.

When it comes to flight, the H107C+ is a joy to handle and the controller is really responsive – which makes life easier if you have never flown a drone before. The 6 axis gimbal means that you get super steady flight and there is no problem with taking video footage at high altitude and distance. The 720p HD camera performs well and the only way this drone lets itself down in terms of the camera is that you can’t see what you are pointing it at. If this drone had FPV then it would be immense. That being said, you still get so much for your money with this drone.

Flight time per battery is going to be around 7-8 minutes when operating the camera and you might get 10 if you are just flying it. The Hubsan won’t leave you high and dry (or low and crashed for want of a better phrase) if you run out of battery, with it powering down just after it performs a safe landing – best not to fly it over water or you definitely won’t be high and dry should you run low on power – we told you we had fun with this test – well I am sure you can guess what happened – needless to say, the Hubsan does not like water very much.

If you are looking for a real quality drone for less than £100 and a good camera then you can’t go wrong with the Hubsan. Check the latest price with Amazon here.

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  • Ease of use
  • Safety
  • Camera
  • Battery
  • Value for money
  • Controller


When it comes to camera drones there are few things that are more important than the camera itself. However, you can have the best camera with the worst flight and you will never get a good photograph or video. Luckily, the Hubsan H107C has enough quality in every department to give a beginner (and maybe even an intermediate) drone user a great experience.