We take a look at the best drones for under £100 in the UK

Best Drones Under £100

The market place for budget drones is so open nowadays and if you know what you are looking for you can make your drone budget stretch quite far. Whether you are a beginner drone pilot or a seasoned pro who is looking for a new drone to add to your fleet – our Drones for under £100 guide is sure to help you spend your money wisely.

We will start off by looking at our top 3 drones for under £100. It is also worth noting that if you are specifically looking for drones for kids then you might want to check out our drones for kids review.

The first thing you will want to do is make sure that you know exactly what your priority is when buying your new drone. Everyone will be looking for something slightly different but it is crucial that you know what is your deal breaker when spending less than £100 as it is unlikely that you will get absolutely everything that you want when on such a tight budget.

That being said, drone tech has come on a long way in the last 12 months and in particular there are a number of budget drones now that will go a long way to satisfying your wants and needs.

Hubsan H107D Mode 2 – Great all rounder – 8/10

If you are looking for an all in one drone that has the lot – good quality camera with FPV (and an included screen), various modes of flight, 6 axis flight and a super stable flying mode for recording then the Hubsan H107D is a great buy. We almost went for the cheaper Hubsan H107C (less than £30 here) but we opted for the new H107D model thanks to it a much better camera and generally all round better performance.

best drones under 100

At under £80 the H107D is an excellent investment for anyone who wants a good all-rounder. It has enough about it to keep those looking for fun flying and stunts entertained but will also satisfy those looking for some decent video and photography. What sets this apart from some of the other drones in the under £100 category is the built in display on the controller. You can truly use is as an FPV and it really helps with taking some good aerial photography. The Hubsan also streams audio as well as video so you get a fully immersive experience with this drone.

If you are considering a step up at a later date to a more expensive model then this is a really good starting point. The only disappointment with this is the battery life which we found to be less than 8 minutes but the battery is removable and spares are readily available so with your spare £25 or so you could invest in extra battery power.

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Syma X5SC – Best in class for the tightest of budgets

The Syma X5SC is one of our favourite budget drones and even though we have a full review here we simply had to include it in our drones for under 100 list. Rocking in at well under £40 and available with free delivery here it is hard to not place the Syma at the top of the pile when it comes to budget drones.

syma x5sc1 review

Coming fully equipped with a HD camera that can take video and stills, this 6 axis drone is a great starter drone for beginners. If you are a hardcore photographer or videographer then this quadcopter might not be for you however as there is no way of displaying what you are filming from the ground.

Where the Syma really excels is in its robust design and the protection offered to the propellers in the event of a crash – which is highly likely with this drone. That doesn’t mean it is hard to fly – rather you are likely to get caught out when you are performing a range of stunts with this fun loving drone.

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PowerLead Pquad Quadcopter – Easiest to fly for true beginners

The PowerLead Pquad drone is not widely available but we took a punt on this model and found it to be a really good option for a sub £40 drone – meaning it easily makes our sub £100 drone list. Made by PowerLead-UK the Pquad RC Quadcopter is a nice looking piece of kit that actually backs up its looks with really good flight control.

drones under 100 ukIf you want a decent camera then the £38 model comes equipped with a 2MP HD camera – but if this is less important to you there is also a 0.3PM version available for £33. It’s hardly worth bothering with the lower resolution drone in our opinion but if you really don’t need a camera of any decent quality then it is good to have some level of customisation of your drone.

Like the Syma, you don’t get any way of displaying your video footage but the Pquad more than makes up for it with it’s flying ability. We found the Pquad to be super responsive to the 4 channel remote controller and the level of control is pretty good for a drone of this price.

Flying time comes in at around 7-8 minutes and was pretty consistent and the Pquad is capable of doing some pretty impressive stunts. The variable speed control is another bonus.

The only real downside of the Pquad is that you can only purchase parts direct from PowerLead, but if you probably aren’t going to be investing in many replacement parts at this price point anyway.

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