We take a look at the best drones for under £100 in the UK

Best Drones Under £100

The market place for budget drones is so open nowadays and if you know what you are looking for you can make your drone budget stretch quite far. Whether you are a beginner drone pilot or a seasoned pro who is looking for a new drone to add to your fleet – our Drones for under £100 guide is sure to help you spend your money wisely.

DroneImageCameraMax Flight TimeEase of UseOverallPrice Checker
1. Holystone HS200best drone under 1002MP9 mins5/5Our top PickCheck Price
2. DJI/RYZE Tellobest drone for 1005MP12-13 mins5/5A very close 2ndCheck Price
3. UDI U818A FPV Dronedrones under 1002MP9 mins5/53rd Best overallCheck Price
4. Visuo XS809HW Upgraded Versionvisuo budget drone2MP8 mins5/5Best Overall ValueCheck Price
5. UDI U845 UFO Drone
ufo drone under 1002MP7 mins5/5Best Unique Looking DroneCheck Price
6. Hubsan H107L X4best drones under 1002MP9 mins5/5Lowest Price Quality DroneCheck Price
7. Holy Stone F181under 100 pound drone2MP9 mins5/5Best All In One PackageCheck Price
8. Syma X5SCsyma x5sc1 review2MP12 mins5/5Best in class for the tightest of budgetsCheck Price
9. Hubsan H107D Mode 2hubsan camera drone under 1002MP8 mins5/5Great all rounderCheck Price
10. Blade Nano QXblade nano qxNone7 mins3/5Best Bind and FlyCheck Price
11. JJRC H36None5 mins5/5Cheapest OverallCheck Price
12. PowerLead Pquad Quadcopterdrones under 100 uk2MP (or 0.3MP)8 mins5/5Easiest to fly for true beginnersCheck Price

We will start off by looking at our top 12 drones for under £100. It is also worth noting that if you are specifically looking for drones for kids then you might want to check out our drones for kids review.

The first thing you will want to do is make sure that you know exactly what your priority is when buying your new drone. Everyone will be looking for something slightly different but it is crucial that you know what is your deal breaker when spending less than £100 as it is unlikely that you will get absolutely everything that you want when on such a tight budget.

That being said, drone tech has come on a long way in the last 12 months and in particular there are a number of budget drones now that will go a long way to satisfying your wants and needs.

Drones Under £100

1. Holystone HS200 Drone

Best Drone Under £100 – 10/10

holystone hs200We have long been admirers of the Holystone HS200 and it has pipped the Tello to number one spot on our list thanks to its price. This 6 axis quadcopter comes with a raft of features found on more expensive models and is brought to you by Holystone – one of the most renowned budget drone manufacturers.

The HS200 has a 720p HD camera on board and can take 1280x720px images with its 2MP camera. It is compatible with Android and Apple iOS devices alike and provides a true FPV experience through the Holystone mobile app.

You get standard features included such as altitude hold, headless mode and one key return to home as well as a gravity mode that allows you to control the drone by moving your smart phone – this actually works better than it sounds. If you are purchasing for a younger person or for your young at heart self then the array of 360 flips that you can perform will be of interest.

The HS200 is actually incredibly stable to fly and is another reason it has a slight edge over the Tello. With battery life of up to 9 minutes you really are getting awful lot for your money here.

The HS200 also comes with a controller that makes it infinitely easier to control than the Tello and some of the other cheap drones on this list and the retro feel of the controller will feel familiar and intuitive for many users.

Overall, the HS200 is an absolute steal and we are pleased to award it with the honour of being our best drone under £100!

Check The Latest Price Of Holystone HS200

2. DJI/Ryze Tello

Best £100 Drone – 9/10

tello djiThe DJI Tello has been a welcome addition to the sub £100 drone category and its 2018 launch has certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons when it comes to cheap drones. DJI are the biggest drone manufacturer in the world and are well known for their high end consumer drones – so when they announced that they were partnering with start up company Ryze it certainly caught the attention of a lot of industry experts.

The Tello is aimed at people new to drones and packs features that very few of the other drones on this page can compete with. Let’s start off with battery life – the Tello packs an incredible 12 minutes of juice in to every charge and the batteries are widely available. Battery life alone puts this drone ahead of the pack but it is the intuitive controls and ease of use that really set it apart.

The Tello can be launched from the palm of your hand and is easy to fly using a smartphone app for most of its controls. Weighing just 80g this UAV packs plenty of punch with a a 14 core intel processor and collision detection systems. If you do lose connection from your phone then the Tello will safely land – there really is not an easier entry level drone to pilot. In fact, Ryze and DJI are very much marketing this drone at kids and young people with their marketing campaigns focused around the ease of taking selfies (5MP ones at that!) and making videos that can easily be shared on social media.

The camera is capable of taking super clear 5MP shots and video is recorded and live streamed at 720p HD. For the pricw you are not going to get much more tech than this! There is of course no gimbal to speak of, but the electronic stabilisation system does a pretty good job – even in moderate winds. There are a range of shot types for video including ‘up and away’, ‘circle’ and ‘360’ – all of which create pretty decent results.

With a host of accessories available for the Tello, including the option of using a standard controller, an FPV headset and customisable skins, the Tello is one of the most appealing budget drones on the market.

Quite simply, if you want quality for a budget price then the Tello is for you.

Check Latest Price of the DJI Tello

3. UDI U818A FPV Drone

Best FPV Drone Under £100 – 9/10

best drone under 100This is our third top pick of all the drones reviewed on this page thanks to some of the best technology being packed in to this budget priced drone. If you are looking for FPV, a decent camera and really good responsive flying then you can’t go far wrong with the UDI U818A and it utilises the same UDIRC mobile app as featured in the UFO drone below.

A 720p HD camera captures footage at 30 Mbps and this package provides you with an extra battery, 4GB micro SD card, card reader and extra propellers meaning you have everything you need and more to get started and without worrying too much about spare parts.

Flying the U818A is a cinch with headless mode and a really responsive mobile app. You can also use the controller that is provided and use your phone as a perfect FPV display making for some of the most fun flights. If you want to be able to perform stunts then flips and tricks are easily performed at the touch of a button.

You should be able to also use this drone with VR Goggles although we have not tested this.

Each battery will give you around 7-9 minutes of flight time and the range of the drone is up to around 100m.

If you want a top quality drone that will last beyond a year and keep you entertained for hours on end then this is it.

Check latest price of UDI U818A here

4. Visuo XS809HW Upgraded Version

Best Overall Value – 9/10

The term ‘made in China’ used to be a sign of quality, now it is something that we have become complacent about, but this product really could be putting the quality back in to the phrase. The Visuo XS809HW is the upgraded version of this selfie drone and whilst it won’t win any awards for having the greatest tech, it could well win some for how it makes the most of that tech.

Given the fact that the Visuo is relatively inexpensive you can check the price here and you have got yourself the best value for money drone out there.

visuo budget droneIt is similar in design to the DJI Spark and whilst it is somewhat larger than the DJI model, it has some similar features with the added benefit that spare parts won’t cost you a small fortune.

The Visuo sizes up at 32.5cm by 32.5cm and is 6cm in height so it is quite sizeable when fully extended. It does however fold down to 12cm by 18cm and the same height. It features a 6-axis gyro which provides good stability for the 2MP HD FPV camera that is onboard.

It comes with a 2.4GHz remote control that you can use to fly the drone or you can also choose to attach your mobile phone to experience a true FPV feel to your flight. The controller is one of the best we have seen at this price point and features 3D flip buttons, simple take off and land buttons and a handy speed switch that is good for beginners wanting to take things a little easier. It also features a headless flying mode which is pretty nice.

You can take still photography and HD video from the drone and the 120 degree wide angle lens produces some stunning imagery in normal lighting conditions. It is not going to give you the same experience as flying a GoPro drone but nevertheless for less then a hundred quid you really can’t grumble with this brilliant piece of kit!

In a nutshell, if you are looking at your first foray in to drone ownership and you are looking to spend less than £100 you can’t go far wrong with this drone.

Check Latest Price on Visuo Here

Check out the Visuo in the video below:


5. UDI U845 UFO Drone

Best Unique Looking Drone – 8/10

ufo drone under 100The UDI U845 is one of the best looking drones on the market and it is certainly unique in its UFO style design.  Featuring no less than 7 propellers it comes in well under budget at less than £50! You get a lot of tech for your money with this drone as it comes featured packed and also sports a 2MP HD camera that can take videos as well as high quality still images.

What makes the UDI U845 a class above some of the other drones reviewed here is that it has a true FPV mode when syncing to your smartphone and it is compatible with iOS and Android phones.

In addition to the excellent FPV qualities of this drone the piloting side of things are also pretty impressive and UDI have gone all out on getting the most our of their hardware with some excellent software. The gravity induction mode means that you can fly the drone without touching your screen when using the dedicated app and there is also an inbuilt audible alarm that will warn you when your drone is getting low on power.

Headless mode makes piloting the UDI U845 a breeze even if you are in a breeze and if the worst does happen the drone is pretty well protected from damage with guards over the propellers. You do get 6 spare props in the box and you can purchase extra batteries at relatively little cost if needed. In terms of flight time you are looking at around 7 minutes which is standard at this price point.

Check Latest Price of the UFO here

6. Hubsan H107L X4

Lowest Price Quality Drone – 8/10

hubsan x4 drone under 100The Hubsan X4 (H107L) model comes in at a modest price and you might think you can’t expect too much. But the omission of the camera on this specific model means that this well respect drone manufacturer have managed to cram quite a lot in to this small package.

With 6-axis and adjustable gyro sensitivity as well as the ability to perform a range of flips and stunts and also has a headless mode for even more control options. We found the flight to be stable in testing conditions and it performed excellently indoors – but you do have to be careful of your surroundings.

Flight time of the Hubsan X4 is around 8-9 minutes and impressively the charging time is only around 30 minutes so if you have 3 batteries you can pretty much enjoy almost constant flight.

The receiver is included at this price and you also get a spare propeller should you damage one.

Check Latest Price For Hubsan X4

7. Holy Stone F181

Best All In One Package – 8/10

under 100 pound droneThe Holy Stone F181 is a very popular choice in the ‘under 100′ category of drones and has a bit of a cult following. The reason for its popularity is that it is a top quality all in one package as it comes with everything you need right out of the box including a decent 4 channel 2.4GHz controller, two batteries and two USB charging cables meaning you can get a decent amount of flight time right from the off.

Each battery will provide you with around 7-9 minutes of flying time and the only downside in this regard is that the charging time is almost an hour and a half which means if you want continuous flight you will need to purchase some extra batteries. That being said, you can order a package that includes an additional 4 batteries and chargers and extra propellers.

The features of the Holy Stone F181 stack up really well against other drones in this price bracket with useful features such as one key return to home, 360 flip button, headless mode and an impressive altitude hold function.

The drone also has a 2MP HD camera which performs admirably in decent lighting conditions although dim light is less impressive.

We found the Holy Stone a joy to fly and managed to get a range of around 60 metres out of it – officially you can get 100m maximum range.

The real pull for this drone is that it is pretty easy to fly and has everything you need for a very reasonable price – find out more about it and check the latest price here.

Check Latest Price of The Holy Stone F181

8. Syma X5SC

Best in class for the tightest of budgets – 8/10

The Syma X5SC is one of our favourite budget drones and even though we have a full review here we simply had to include it in our drones for under 100 list. Rocking in at a low cost it is hard to not place the Syma at the top of the pile when it comes to budget drones.

syma x5sc1 review

Coming fully equipped with a HD camera that can take video and stills, this 6 axis drone is a great starter drone for beginners. If you are a hardcore photographer or videographer then this quadcopter might not be for you however as there is no way of displaying what you are filming from the ground.

Where the Syma really excels is in its robust design and the protection offered to the propellers in the event of a crash – which is highly likely with this drone. That doesn’t mean it is hard to fly – rather you are likely to get caught out when you are performing a range of stunts with this fun loving drone.

Check latest price of the SYMA X5SC-1 here

9. Hubsan H107D Mode 2

Great all rounder – 8/10

If you are looking for an all in one drone that has the lot – good quality camera with FPV (and an included screen), various modes of flight, 6 axis flight and a super stable flying mode for recording then the Hubsan H107D is a great buy. We almost went for the cheaper Hubsan H107C -check price here but we opted for the new H107D model thanks to it a much better camera and generally all round better performance.

best drones under 100

The H107D is an excellent investment for anyone who wants a good all-rounder. It has enough about it to keep those looking for fun flying and stunts entertained but will also satisfy those looking for some decent video and photography. What sets this apart from some of the other drones in the under £100 category is the built in display on the controller. You can truly use is as an FPV and it really helps with taking some good aerial photography. The Hubsan also streams audio as well as video so you get a fully immersive experience with this drone.

If you are considering a step up at a later date to a more expensive model then this is a really good starting point. The only disappointment with this is the battery life which we found to be less than 8 minutes but the battery is removable and spares are readily available so with your spare £25 or so you could invest in extra battery power.

Check latest price of the Hubsan H107D

10. Blade Nano QX

Best Bind and Fly Drone Under £100 – 7/10

blade nano qxThe Blade Nano QX is available in the UK and is a great entry level model to hone your skills. Not quite as small as a Tiny Whoop and without the necessary camera, this model will suit those who are looking for something a little more sturdy but with the ability to fly at speed and try a few tricks.

The Blade Nano QX has a feature called SAFE which stands for Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope and essentially what this does is to provide a super stable flight. Some people will want to remove this feature to allow for more responsive control and this can be done when you connect it to a PC.

For a beginner this is a great drone to purchase, however the big downside is that it does not come with a controller. As it is a bind and fly model it is designed to be used with another controller, which is great if you have one but beginners are likely to see this as an added expense.

If you are looking for a good quality bind and fly drone then you can’t go far wrong with the Blade Nano QX as it has a solid 7 minute battery life, only requires 30 minutes of charging time and has the potential for further customisation. Spare parts are easy to find and if you can stomach the extra for a controller or are thinking of going down the bind and fly route in the future then this is a solid choice.

The Blade Nano QX was a joy to fly and performed admirably inside and outside and looks great with its wasp like black and yellow design. Weighing in at under 250g this lightweight drone packs a heavy punch. Find out more here.

Find Latest Price For Blade Nano QX

11. JJRC H36

Cheapest Overall – 7/10

The JJRC H36 is a favourite of ours when it comes to budget drones and is also featured on our best drones for kids page. This drone is the perfect entry level model as it is so cheap, has everything you need in one package and is actually pretty easy to fly.

You can perform a range of cool stunts and flips with Kingtoys drone and also features a headless flying mode to make flying even easier out of the box. One touch return to home keys and two different speed options just add to the simplicity of this drone and whilst it isn’t going to set the industry alight we have to say that the design for the size is pretty impressive. The LED lights make it look even cooler at night.

This drone weights in at a tiny 181g and is less than 4 inches in diameter. Flying time when we tested is around 5 minutes with a charging time of around 30-50 minutes. The battery is removable so you might want to invest in some extras.

This won’t win any awards but if you want something that is decent at a rock bottom price then you can’t go wrong with the JJRC H36.

Check For Latest Price of the JJRC H36

12. PowerLead Pquad Quadcopter

Easiest to fly for true beginners – 7/10

The PowerLead Pquad drone is not widely available but we took a punt on this model and found it to be a really good option for a low cost drone – meaning it easily makes our sub £100 drone list. Made by PowerLead-UK the Pquad RC Quadcopter is a nice looking piece of kit that actually backs up its looks with really good flight control.

drones under 100 ukIf you want a decent camera then this model comes equipped with a 2MP HD camera – but if this is less important to you there is also a 0.3PM version available at a lower price. It’s hardly worth bothering with the lower resolution drone in our opinion but if you really don’t need a camera of any decent quality then it is good to have some level of customisation of your drone.

Like the Syma, you don’t get any way of displaying your video footage but the Pquad more than makes up for it with it’s flying ability. We found the Pquad to be super responsive to the 4 channel remote controller and the level of control is pretty good for a drone of this price.

Flying time comes in at around 7-8 minutes and was pretty consistent and the Pquad is capable of doing some pretty impressive stunts. The variable speed control is another bonus.

The only real downside of the Pquad is that you can only purchase parts direct from PowerLead, but if you probably aren’t going to be investing in many replacement parts at this price point anyway.

Check latest price of the PowerLeade Pquad

Best Drone Under £100 Under £100


tello djiThese drones offer some of the best value for money and are an excellent starting point in drone ownership. If you are looking for drones under £100 then you will look far to find something better than one of these top 10 UAV’s.

Some of our tops 10’s have literally everything you need, whilst others are better than others depending on what you are looking for.

The advances in drone tech over the last 18 months or so means that you can get plenty for your money so you can be sure to find something that fits the bill here.

Ryze/DJI Tello

Our number one drone under £100 ticks most of the boxes including battery life, stability and ease of use. If you are making your first or second drone purchase and want to keep it to a low budget then there are not many better options.

  • Ease of use
  • Safety
  • Camera
  • Battery
  • Value for money
  • Controller

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best drones under £100?
There are a number of high quality drones that are available under £100. We have compiled the best ten with our top three being the Ryze Tello, UDI U818A and the Visuo XS809.

What are the best inexpensive drones?
Inexpensive drones are much more abundant now than they were 18 months ago. Whether you want good battery life, a decent camera or just something that flies well – you will be spoilt for choice. Our pick of the best inexpensive drones is the Ryze Tello.

What is the best drone for beginners?
The UDI U818A drone is our favourite for beginners thanks to its low price point and ease of use. The Ryze Tello is also an excellent choice for beginners and will allow users to increase the difficulty level as they progress.

What is the best drone to buy for the money?
When it comes to value for money it is hard to beat the Ryze Tello drone. However, the Syma X5SC is also an excellent choice when it comes to value for money.

Read our best camera drones article for more cheap drones.

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