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Drone Delivery in 3 Minutes in Dublin

Drone Delivery in 3 Minutes in Dublin

Manna Drone Delivery ‘as-a-service’ announces Just Eat, Ben & Jerry’s and Camile Thai as first commercial partners for flying food delivery. Dublin 26 Feb, 2020 - Manna, the world’s first aviation-grade B2B drone delivery ‘as-a-service’ platform will commercial...

DTA Complete UK’s Largest Drone Topographical Survey

DTA Complete UK’s Largest Drone Topographical Survey

We often hear talk of how drones offer commercial, industrial and agricultural benefits for businesses, but seeing this relatively new technology used for a specific project is not something that you can point to easily. Drone Tech Aerospace (DTA) are looking to put a...

Agricultural Drones

Agricultural Drones

2018 saw a fair amount of negative press surrounding drones, so it is perhaps important to remind ourselves that drone technology can be used for much more that just a hobby. One of the major benefits of drones is that they bring access to areas that in the past would...

Could New Payment Models Expose People To Better Drones?

Could New Payment Models Expose People To Better Drones?

At this point in time, most anyone with serious interest can save up and buy a drone. Whether it’s one of the miniature, almost toy-like drones that are available as budget options for low-key amusement, or a full-fledged quadcopter with HD video capabilities and...

Drone Delivery News

We are pretty obsessed with the advances in drones being used for delivery so we will be keeping you right up to date with the latest in the world of drone delivery as well as any other pertinent drone related news.

2 Hour Batteries – Coming Soon…

Anyone who has used a budget drone will know of the pain of losing battery life after just a few minutes. Even those of us flying the likes of some of DJI’s flagship models that can fly for 30 minutes will understand the frustrations associated with battery life. Well, that may be a thing of the past thanks to Impossible Aerospace who have recently unveiled a drone that can fly for two hours.

To be more accurate, the drone is actually made of batteries, so the bulk of the drone is actually made of tiny batteries designed to power the lightweight quadcopter for up to 2 hours.

You may be thinking that 2 hours is somewhat excessive for the casual drone user but this could lead to huge advances in the way in which drones are used either commercially or by emergency teams. Imagine a drone that can fly for two hours to monitor traffic for local radio or the impact a 2 hour flight time could have for mountain search and rescue teams!

This technology will certainly be of interest to companies such as Amazon and Dominoes who have already pursued drone delivery technology before. Battery life has always been a key stumbling block but this could be about to change with batteries used in this way.

Only time will tell but for more information be sure to check out the Impossible Aerospace website.

7 Innovative Ways Drones Are Bring Used In Industry in 2018

Flora from Fat Lama takes a look at 7 interesting was drones are being used in industry across the globe in 2018 – check out the article here.

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A New Resource For Starting A Commercial Drone Business

Drones are continuing to grow in popularity and with the emergence of new technology there are new markets and commercial opportunities appearing all the time in the industry.

We were contacted by Coptrz.com who have just launched a new eBook worth £199 – but they are giving it away for free.

Here’s what they had to say:

The commercial drone industry is growing at a rapid rate as technology continues to improve. In the space of only a couple of years we have seen drones evolve from hobbyist aircraft to commercial grade platforms, and the use cases are growing daily. 

In many key industries, drones are providing an alternative data collection method that is in most cases cheaper, faster and safer than traditional methods. With the UAV technology currently available on the market, we are seeing a major uplift in commercial drone operations in media, inspection, agriculture, construction and surveying. 

Along with this sudden increase in commercial drone activity comes a need for more drone service providers. The potential opportunities are lucrative, however it’s not as simple as just buying a drone and charging for your captured data. There are a number of factors to take into account and this guide from COPTRZ aims to advise you of the full process of starting a commercial drone services business.

If you’d like to download the free 23 page eBook and learn more about the commercial drone opportunities then you can get it here.

The Perfect Drones for Gifts This Holiday Time – November 2017

There has never been a better time to buy a drone for a gift and whilst there are obvious safety considerations when considering purchasing a drone for someone else, the choice has never been better and your budget will go further than ever.

We recommend if you are buying a drone as a gift that the recipient is over 14 years of age and it is a perfect gift for many adults – male and female.

A good starting point if you are on a budget is our drones under £100 article or drones under £200 article. These will provide you with excellent options for a budgets from £15 to £200.

Amazon Air Drone Delivery in December 2016

This video from Amazon shows how Amazon Air will use autonomous drones to deliver small packages up to 5 pounds in weight. An initial trial in Cambridgeshire started with just two customers and will grow to hundreds more as Amazon look to continue to lead the way in online shopping logistics.

Watch Jeremy Clarkson Introduce Amazon Air

No matter what you think about the big man, this technology that Amazon are introducing is pretty cool. Watch as he talks you through Amazon Air:

The whole Amazon Air process and how it could look from the customer end:

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