We often hear talk of how drones offer commercial, industrial and agricultural benefits for businesses, but seeing this relatively new technology used for a specific project is not something that you can point to easily.

Drone Tech Aerospace (DTA) are looking to put a stop to this and are shouting (and rightly so) from the rooftops about their latest topographical survey that spans an impressive 600 Hectaces. That means that DTA, who specialise in aerial drone services for construction, industrial installations, quarries and mines, have completed the UK’s biggest drone topographical survey.

The survey took place over Eridge Park, Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent and was completed as part of a commission by partner firm Land Development Services (LDS) who are based in Salisbury.

The 600 Hectare survey was completed in just 4 days and a single drone that was manned by a pilot and one technical assistant was all that was needed. The was one day of work completed prior to the survey by LDS which means it took a total of 5 working days to complete the whole project.

This project is a real nod towards the increased use of drone and UAV technology being able to offer real productivity improvements – a belief that was echoed by DTA Managing Director David Field who stated “This 600 hectare project provides a great example of the significant productivity and efficiency gains that our drone services deliver to our clients.”

He went on to add:

““Our message to all sectors of industry, especially construction and engineering, is to embrace the opportunities for gaining efficiency offered by drone technology, get more trial projects started, and adopt drone services as your solution of choice particularly in land surveying.”

It is likely that without the use of drone technology that this project wouldn’t even have got off the ground in a metaphorical as well as literal sense. Peter Collings, Managing Director of LDS stated:

“We are very pleased with the results of this survey, which is one of the largest we have conducted, and have also had very positive feedback from our clients. Partnering with DTA and its drone technology made all the difference in making the project Page 3 of 3 viable and efficient. We certainly see drone technology as a valuable addition to our toolset for large land survey projects from now on.”

It seems that the future for drone surveying in the UK will be very promising and with a number of UK based companies similar to DTA and more and more companies engaging with them that it will be one of the most important industries for drones in the next decade.