If you don’t know your FPV from your UAV then you might find it useful to spend a couple of minutes reading over our frequently asked questions.


We take a look at the most commonly asked drone related questions and give to your straight. If there is a question that you have that isn’t answered here then why not get in touch via out contact page and ask us direct. We are always happy to help where possible.

What is FPV?

FPV stands for first person view. This is commonly referred to in drones when using a display monitor or FPV headset and allows you to have a live first person view from the camera on the drone.

What is a UAV?

UAV is an acronym for unmanned aerial vehicle. Quadcopters, drones and other remote controlled aerial vehicles such as airplanes and helicopters fall under the category of UAV as they do not have on onboard pilot.

What is headless mode?

Headless mode is a control mode found on some drones that allows you to control the drone based on your position rather than the direction the drone is facing. In other words, if you push left on the control stick the drone will head left no matter which way it is facing.

What are the laws regarding drones?

You can find the latest UK drone law on our drone law page or for the absolute latest you can visit the Civil Aviation Authority website.

Do I need training to fly a drone in the UK?

At this time, you do not need training to fly a drone unless you are flying for commercial reasons. If your drone is under 250g then you are good, for drones over 250g it is worth checking with your local authority and with the CAA.

Do I need to register my drone?

Previously, UK drone owners did not have to register their drones like owners in the US do. However, from November 2019 all drones weighing over 250g will need to be registered.

Can my kids fly a drone?

Most drone manufacturers will declare 14 as the minimum age for flying a drone. There is no legal age to fly a drone from but again we would advise 14+ as a safe age. It is at the parents discretion wether they allow their child to pilot a drone indoors under supervision.

Can I build my own drone?

In theory, if you wanted to build your own drone from scratch then yes this would be possible. However, there are kits out there that allow you to build a drone how you want it. Most commonly, people that build drones to their own spec are using them for racing – these are often referred to as a Tiny Whoop and you can read about it on our Tiny Whoop page.

How high can I fly a drone?

Without a licence the highest altitude you can fly a drone is 400ft. Other restrictions may apply depending on the airspace and if you are planning to go above 200ft then we would suggest you check this in advance of your flight.

How long do batteries last in drones?

Drone batteries vary as do how much power various drones require. Most manufacturers will give you a best case scenario battery time when you buy but heavy use of the camera and how you fly can impact flight times dramatically. Most budget drones will offer around 4-5 minutes of flight time with 25-30 minutes possible on higher end drones.

Can I pilot a drone when drinking alcohol?

The simple answer here is no, and neither should you.

What does it mean if a controller has 4 channels?

The more channels a drone communicates over means the more drones you can use in the same area. Each drone will need its own frequency to send information between the controller and the drone itself. 4 channels means you will be able to use 4 of that exact type of drone in the same area. Some drones have only one channel and this is important to know if you are buying more than one to use at the same time in the same place.

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