The Potensic T25 is an affordable follow me drone from a reputable manufacturer. We take it for a flight test and reveal our findings in our full review here.

Potensic T25 Drone Review

Potensic is one of favourite manufacturers when it comes to selling affordable and accessible drones that have good onboard technology. Often, with some of the budget manufacturers we typically see corners being cut somewhere and although it might be a little harsh to describe Potensic as a true budget drone manufacturer they certainly don’t fit the mould of a company that cuts corners.

The latest addition to the Potensic lineup features full GPS, a 1080p HD camera with 120 degree lens and delightful battery life times. We took it for a test fly and bring you our findings below… needless to say, we were pretty impressed.

Out Of The Box

potensic t25 reviewThe T25 drone comes pretty well equipped right out of the box and from the initial unboxing you know you have made a good investment. In addition to the drone you will find a gamepad style controller, an intelligent battery, 4 spare propellers and tool and landing legs.

Upon first inspection the whiteness of the drone and controller is almost a salute to the days of the old e-macs and i-macs from Apple and both have a robust and quality feel to them. The controller does not have a screen of its own but the universal mount allows you to easily snap an iPhone or Android smartphone in to place.

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Flying the T25

Controlling the T25 could hardly be easier and that’s thanks to the controller and live FPV video feed to your smartphone. Once you have installed the Potensic app and connected the drone you can use the one push takeoff button on the controller to safely initiate take off.

Your video will be streaming before you take off but the added ability to see what’s in front of you or at least what’s in the view of where you pointed your camera is pretty useful. There is also a one touch return to home function which will come straight back to you using GPS – this is pretty handy since the drone has a range of up to 300m which is pretty decent for a drone at this price point.

We found the T25 to be pretty responsive to the controller with minimum lag – and that includes the video relay too. Altitude hold on this Potensic model is also pretty stable even in moderate wind conditions.

Battery Life

Perhaps one of the biggest and best features of the T25 is the battery life. We have teased you enough but we can confirm that we found battery life to be in line with the manufacturer guidance of 15 minutes. Yes, that’s more than the Tello and almost as much as the DJI Spark!

The T25 uses what they deem to be an intelligent battery (hmm, have we heard that term before) and its of the push in Lithium Polymer variety. Spares are readily available but with 15 minutes from a single charge this will probably be enough for most users.


The addition of a 1080p camera is a good one to this drone but what makes the camera even better is the ability to tilt it a total of 75 degrees. You can get birds eye view shots as well as being able to tilt for perfect selfies or videos.

The GPS allows a follow me mode to be used and whilst this is excellent, don’t expect facial tracking or anything like that. The T25 actually uses your phone to transmit the GPS signal – but this is pretty nifty use of tech at a budget price we think and we found the follow me mode actually worked pretty well.

The quality of the video is pretty good and the lens has a 120 degree field of view so you can capture plenty thanks the wide angles. You get electronic stabilisation but that’s as far as it goes so don’t expect super smooth video. For photographs though, the T25 is pretty impressive and on a still day the video is of a similar quality.

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We loved the T25. It is fun to fly, has a great battery life and the follow me mode worked really well. It might not be the sexiest looking drone but it ticks plenty of boxes and comes in at a decent price too..

Potensic T25


The Potensic T25 is a great sub-£200 drone with an excellent battery life and better than average camera. With GPS and a raft of associated features, the T25 has enough to keep even a veteran drone owner entertained but will be as easily accessible for a complete beginner.

  • Ease of use
  • Safety
  • Camera
  • Battery
  • Value for money
  • Controller


Excellent battery life of 15 minutes

Easy to use

Titling camera

GPS Follow Me included


Lack of stability for video

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