JJRC H36 Review

This budget drone is the ideal gift and it is perfect for a child or a beginner

JJRC H36 Drone Review

The JJRC H36 may have been out for some time now but it seems to have taken us forever to get our hands on it. With its very low price point this mini drone was well worth the wait and certainly offers immense value for money. Although it doesn’t quite fit the Tiny Whoop mould in that it does not have an FPV camera it certainly has the potential for modding and it seems that many people have already attempted this – just head to YouTube and search fro JJRC H36 Tiny Whoop Modification.

For the purposes of this review we are going to stay away from the temptation of talking too much about the mod potential of this mini drone and instead we are going to view it for what it actually is – and that is a pretty decent budget drone that could be just perfect for kids and it could make the ideal Christmas gift.

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JJRC H36 Specs

Lets be honest here, you are not going to get anything close to a mid to premium range drone in terms of specs here – and nor should you expect to. But what you do get will probably surprise you. When it comes to flying this bad boy there is much to like – and we will get on to that shortly – but for now, lets see what’s under the hood (so to speak).

JJRC H35 Drone

This is what you get in the box

The H36 drone comes with a small but perfectly formed remote controller and features 2 speed modes – high an low. The 2.4G controls the four axis drone well and in our testing was very responsive.

The drone is capable of doing 360 degree rolls and has some great 3D rolling effects to practice. The JJRC H36 is a quadcopter with four thick propellers and is tiny at under 4 inches in diameter. In the box you get the quadcopter, transmitter, charging cable (USB), battery, propellers and the manual.

There is no camera to talk of but what you do get is one very responsive (and fast) drone.

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Battery and Flying Times

Flight times is usually where drones at this price point fall down and the H36 is no different. You can expect flight times of 5 minutes from the 3.7v 150mAh Lipo battery but you can always buy more of these if you wish.

You will also need 2 AA batteries for the controller and these thankfully last much longer. We didn’t need to replace ours in over 3 hours of testing and we would imagine they last a lot longer than that.

A full charge of the battery takes around 45 minutes so you will want to use your time wisely when flying this and backup batteries are definitely recommended.


When it came to flying the JJRC H36 mini drone we were pleasantly surprised. There are of course the luxuries of a premium drone missing but then that is half the fun as you are in full control of every single movement. For beginners, the return to home key is useful and will get the drone back to you at the push of a button if you need to.

H35 QuadcopterFor seasoned pilots there is a high speed shift which really takes this drone to new heights – literally. You can do all sorts of flips and tricks with the H36 and it really is quite nippy when flying through the air. We had some light breezes when we took it for a spin and it had zero impact despite the light weight of the craft.

The only negative with regards to flying the H36 drone was that the controller was a little small in our hands, although again, it would be perfect for smaller hands and for kids.

The manufacturers recommend 14 years and up for flying this drone and officially we would tow the same line, however the reality is that a skilled younger person could easily fly this drone under supervision.

The one area that this drone excels is that it seems almost indestructible. We did crash a few times as we push it to its limit and we even trying throwing it on to concrete – it came away unscathed on all occasions.

You can fly indoors and outdoors but be careful inside and stick to low speed if you do fly indoors. The flight range is claimed to be around 30 metres and we found that to be accurate.

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The JJRC H36 is a top class budget drone and if you are looking for something to have a bit of fun and practice some stunts then this is perfect. It is ideal for beginners thanks to its lightweight design and durable frame and with the propellers being tucked away it is very safe to fly.

For those with large hands, controlling the drone is a little tricky and battery time (of course) could be better, but in terms of value for money this would get 10 out of 5 if we could give it!

  • Ease of use
  • Safety
  • Battery
  • Value for money
  • Controller

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