Potensic T35 Drone Review

We review the Potensic T35 – Is this the ultimate drone for beginners?

Potensic T35 Drone Review

Our Potensic T35 drone review found an affordable beginner-friendly quadcopter with a decent feature set.

The T35 may not be lightweight, reaching nearly a kilogram, but it is solidly built with a decent sized battery and stable design. Thanks to a 9-axis gyro, it can hold position well, even with a little wind pushing it.

Actual flying time of the Potensic drone will depend on conditions and handling, but you can expect up to 15 minutes under most conditions. The range is 300 metres, although direct Wi-Fi for streaming video cannot reach that far.

The Potensic T35 drone in a nutshell:

• Ready to go: Preassembled, easy controls and a default learning mode.
• Intelligent flying modes: Follow-me, Orbit, Waypoint and First-person View.
• Easy flight controls: Altitude hold, Automatic return and Headless mode.
• Advanced technology: 9-axis gyro and dual GPS/GLONASS positioning.
• No obstacle avoidance or video stabilization.

What Can You Do With the Potensic T35 Drone?

The T35 delivers the functionality one would expect from a drone in the mid-range class.

Once you come out of the beginner mode, the speed will increase and the drone’s remote control distance will reach up to 300 meters. The controls will also become more responsive, so you can expect to do some quick aerial maneuvers with the Potensic T35 drone. So how does it perform?

Ready to Go

The preassembled Potensic T35 drone just needs a charged battery, SD card and the optional propeller guards mounted to be ready for launch.

One-key take-off gets the machine easily off the ground and it will come back down just as easily with the one-key landing.

A Beginners Mode is enabled by default out of the box, and it’s a good idea as well. The speed and range are limited to encourage you to master the controls first before you speed up and out of sight.

Smart Flight Modes

A Follow-me and an Orbit Mode let the camera focus on you or whatever subject you choose.

The Waypoint Mode will let you map a trajectory on your app that the drone will follow with its GPS.

First-person view transmission gives you a bird’s eye view on your app with live streaming video.

More Flight Controls

Altitude-hold keeps the Potensic T35 drone in position, thanks to the dual GPS system as soon as you let go of the controls. This feature makes for sharp and well framed aerial photographs.

Automatic return occurs when the signal from the signal is lost or low power is detected.

Headless mode is a standard feature that gives you a more intuitive way of controlling the drone, particularly when it is too far away to clearly make out which way it’s facing.

Emergency Stop does just that, letting the Potensic T35 drone drop to the ground immediately when you press the button before it causes itself or something else any damage.

The Potensic T35 Drone in Detail

Let’s take a closer look at some of the capabilities of the Potensic T35 drone.

What’s Included in the Package?

Apart from the Potensic T35 drone and its controller, the package also contains a full set of extra propeller guards, spare propellers and landing gear as well as a screwdriver to put it all together. An easy to read manual is also included.

Make sure you bring a micro SD card, batteries for the remote controller and possibly a USB charger with you though when you head out as you need to obtain these yourself.

How Do You Control the Potensic T35 Drone?

The remote controller for the Potensic T35 drone has a comfortable rounded design. Apart from the built-in buttons for take-off, landing and auto-return, the app provides for all the smart modes. Users find the app for iPhone or Android easy to use and say that they appreciate the starter tutorials.

How Does the Camera Work?

The 1080P HD camera produces very decent photographs and videos, as long as you don’t expect a professional 4K grade. The camera angle is adjustable over 90 degrees.

While the streaming quality is only 720p, if you insert a 16 or 32GB micro SD card (not included), the full 1080p can be recorded onboard without any lags or jitters caused by an inconsistent Wi-Fi connection.

Note, however, that there is no video stabilization.

How Are the Batteries Charged?

The generously sized 2500mAh battery gives about 15–20 minutes of flight time. They can be charged directly with the included cable from any USB outlet, but need up to 4 or 5 hours (!) to indicate full charge. Spare batteries are available, or can be ordered in alternative configuration at the time of purchase (recommended).

Pros and Cons

Our Potensic T35 drone review highlighted these strengths and weaknesses:

• The Potensic T35 drone is easy to operate.
• Good battery size for a decent flight time.
• Dual GPS/GLONASS systems for more accurate positioning.
• Advanced 9-axis gyro.
• Brushless motors give better performance and efficiency.
• Robust build and easy to replace spare parts.

• Long battery charging time required.
• No obstacle avoidance or video stabilization.

Product Reviews

Potensic is a popular brand producing low-cost consumer drones. The T35 has been on the market since April 2018 and earned good reviews in that time.

Past owners consistently rated this as excellent value for money and, with a few exceptions, posted very positive reviews. Apart from a well-performing flyer, the manual, video tutorials and customer support were highly rated.


Is There an Emergency Stop?

Yes, it will make the drone drop to the ground, or you can use the GPS assisted auto-return function.

Does it Come With Video Stabilization?

No, although the altitude hold will help somewhat.

Is There a Warranty?

When you buy on Amazon, you have a 30-day right of return.

Where Can You Buy It?

You can get the Potensic T35 Drone on Amazon.

Our Verdict

In this Potensic drone review, we found the T35 model to be a satisfying quadcopter for beginners that does not cut short on features and quality even more advanced users would appreciate. Offering all the standard functions and intelligent flight modes you would expect, it promises fun and decent, if not professional, photography.

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