The Viper Pro Drone is slightly above the out and out budget drones but it is also priced comfortably below more premium options. We take it for a test and bring you our conclusion in our full Viper Pro Drone Review.

Viper Pro Drone Review

The Viper Pro Drone was originally an Ideal World exclusive, but now it is available to buy direct from Viper at a slightly more competitive price so we thought it was about time we got our hands on one of these drones and gave it the full Drone Deliver review treatment.

Our Viper Pro Drone review saw us take this larger than average drone out for a fair few test flights and you will see our findings below.

Viper Pro – First Impressions

viper pro drone reviewThe Viper Pro is a lot larger than most other drones that you find at this price point and that does of course bring with it its own advantages and disadvantages. A width of 53cm means you won’t be putting this drone in your backpack and carrying it everywhere with you but it should mean that you will get much more stable flight than a smaller drone.

Other than the size and the striking black and sky blue design (which we loved by the way) you will also be drawn to the camera. It is clear from the outset that the camera isn’t just an afterthought – it is fundamental to the design of the Viper Pro. The camera extrudes from the lower part of the drone and looks very much like a GoPro or other action camera. With a powered tilt, it means you will be able to move the camera whilst in flight – something that really sets the Viper Pro apart from the competition.

In the box you will find the drone along with an impressive looking remote controller, replacement propellers, a mount for your smartphone, propeller guards, two batteries, charging cable and a small screwdriver.

We had seen enough at this point and couldn’t wait any longer to get the Viper Pro up in the air – we put our two batteries on charge and headed outside for our maiden flight.

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Viper Pro – In Flight

The first thing to point out is that the Viper Pro is designed to be easy to fly. With one touch take off and landing as well as headless mode the Viper Pro is certainly suitable for beginners despite its larger frame size. It isn’t just beginners who will enjoy the Viper Pro drone however, and we found ourselves softly smiling away throughout the first flight.

You might expect altitude hold from a drone at this price point and of course the Viper Pro duly obliges – and we have to say that we were very impressed with the stability of the altitude hold even in moderate wind conditions. The camera is mounted to a electronic gimbal so we were looking forward to testing that out too.

A 6 axis gyroscope allows for steady flight and the drone was very responsive to the controller. You can expect to fly to a range of up to 200m although you might not manage to stream video at that distance. The controller is well built and suitable for the hands of grown man – again, something that often is bug bear with other models. There are three speed settings to choose from with the highest being fast enough to test even our experienced pilots.

The controller is easy to use and features a separate mount for you to add your smartphone to for FPV video streaming.

The Viper Pro can perform a range of stunts and 3D flips at the touch of a button and these look really impressive due to the size of the drone.


The camera is perhaps one of the biggest selling points of the Viper Pro. Although the camera is only 720p HD we found that it performed admirably in well lit environments. To be honest, we wouldn’t advocate flying this drone indoors so unless you are flying outdoors at dusk or dawn you are likely to have plenty of light to produce some stunning shots.

The camera is attached to a powered arm which can be used to rotate the camera on a single axis up and down. This is a real game changer for drones at this price level as moving cameras are usually features only found on drones over £500. This is controlled using a button on the controller.

To take pictures you simply use the free app on your Android or iOS enabled phone and the images and video are instantly stored within your phone.

As for video, we found the video we took to be pretty steady and although you won’t be using the video for anything commercial, you can certainly get some great footage that is pretty smooth and filmed at the exact angle you want.

We would have love to have seen a follow me feature but sadly this drone doesn’t support it.


You will receive two batteries with your Viper Pro with one already being placed inside the drone when you receive it. They are charged using a USB charging cable which will plug directly in to drone – this is typical of most quadcopters.

We found that battery life from a typical flight was around 6-7 minutes which for the size of the drone we were pretty pleased with. Of course, it depends on the speed you are flying at, how much you use the camera and the flying conditions so you might find that you have more or less compared to us.

The addition of the second battery really does help and we found that battery life was adequate for most people’s needs.

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We really enjoyed flying the Viper Pro as it felt very different to most other £200-ish drones mainly thanks to the size of it. At just over half a metre in diameter you won’t go un-noticed when out flying this thing and with an electronically powered tilting camera you will get some excellent aerial photographs and video. It is a little pricey for a 720p HD camera but we think it is money well spent overall.

  • Ease of use
  • Safety
  • Camera
  • Battery
  • Value for money
  • Controller


Titling camera a game changer at this price

Very steady flight

Lots of fun to fly with the flips

Easy to control


Only a 720p HD camera – we would have liked full 1080p

Not very portable due to size

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